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Where Is My Phone

First off, everyone has been pretty cool so far about the shipping delays. I appreciate the level of understanding. I will continue keep everyone info...

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Certification Completion and Shipping Plans

[Latest PCBA with black soldermask on visible areas] Certification The certification people are saying they are done. We haven't seen the actual ac...

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Product Name and Rear Cover Material

Name Change So we've been learning about trademarks and, according to the USPTO, descriptive names aren't allowed to be trademarked. The engineer in...

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Production Parts

Status Mostly doing assembly and reliability testing while we wait for the certifications to finish. So far we've spent a lot of time on choosing a ...

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FCC Certification and Reliability Testing

Status We got the next board rev back. Board fab took quite a while longer than it was supposed to, but so far it's looking like we may not need ano...

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Big Dead Bug

Big Dead Bug We finally got to the bottom of some audio issues that had us running in circles for a while. This was a tricky one because there were ...

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First Production Candidate PCB

The bank situation is resolved. We managed to pay some vendors yesterday. Hoping to switch banks ASAP once I'm back in the States. No sense in wasting...

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Bank Issue

Hello from a very hot and sweaty Shenzhen, China! [] Chase Bank locked us out of our account. I'm currently in China and we can't pay any vendors o...

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Early Evaluation Units Shipped

We Shipped! (...technically) Thanks for tolerating the relative silence. First evaluation units are on their way to the early testers. These are clo...

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Hardware Finalization Goals

The main goal right now is to finalize the hardware We have some evaluation units that are waiting for keypads before they go out. We've been tweaki...

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Keypad 2

Our prototype keypad mold arrived and we made some test parts, and also learned a few things about handling silicone. Some pics of the mold: [Top Su...

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Got some samples in today for the production keypad buttons. We went with dome contacts. These will be positioned over gold plated fingers on the main...

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GUI, EE and SW Improvements

We've been dialing a lot of things in on the motherboard. The biggest noticeable change is the GUI. It looks much more polished now. We're almost read...

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Daughter Boards

What's an electronics project without an attempt at modularity? As part of our project goals, we want a phone that can be easily modified and expanded...

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Capacitive Button Panel

[] We wanted to see if it was possible to eliminate the physical buttons on the front of the phone by using a capacitive button panel. It has a few ...

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WiPhone Prototype 2 Assembly Video

We have all the components on hand, and wanted to post an assembly video showing how the mechanical parts of the phone go together. It's already a pre...

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GUI Screenshots

_note: these screenshots are really old at this point. have a look at the gallery for some more up to date ones._ Some shots of the current state of ...

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LCD Driver Benchmarking

We recognize a few universal truths: Biological life... errr... finds a way. Every software program expands until it can check email, or dies trying. ...

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Completed Alpha WiPhone

The phone is assembled and working. It can make and receive calls. It runs off battery power and charges by the USB port. The LCD and buttons control ...

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Populated WiPhone Motherboard

Now with wires and little square things all over it: [Populated WiPhone Motherboard] ...

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WiPhone Motherboard

The alpha motherboard arrived. Here's some quick shots of the front/back + one with the LCD mounted just for fun: [WiPhone Motherboard] ...

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SN7326 Keypad

This is a simple keypad to test the SN7326 I2C keypad controller in the 25 button configuration we wanted for the WiPhone. Posting in the hopes it mig...

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We have a bunch of cheap phones we've been tearing apart, and wanted to post a some pics. Particularly, we've been looking to see how they make the bu...

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WM8750BL Audio Codec Dev Board

We wanted to publish the dev board we made for the WM8750BL audio codec IC. Design files: 20180702 - audio codec board Datasheet: WM8750BL_v4.1-11316...

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Audio Codecs

What is an audio codec? A: it's a file format B: it's an encryption method C: it's a format converter D: it's a little wizard that lives in 3.5mm ho...

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System Overview

The WiPhone is composed of a few different functional areas as shown in the block diagram down at the bottom. For debugging, initially separate PCBs w...