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Own Your Phone

Don't let it own you.

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Tired Of Playing In Someone Else's Walled Garden?

Stop living in someone else's world! The WiPhone is a stripped down phone that gets out of your way.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Want To Actually Control Your Own Hardware?

WiPhone used as a hardware debugging tool

The WiPhone is designed for hacking hardware and software.

For tinkering and DIY, smartphone hardware is a black box and developing apps is much too complicated.

A Tool, Not A Distraction

The WiPhone is a minimal WiFi Phone.

It makes calls and sends text messages. That's it, really.

WiPhone calling and texting screens

The WiPhone uses standard VoIP for calling.

VoIP service is available from multiple providers or you can run your own independent network.

A Minimal Phone

The WiPhone is extremely simple and has no cell radio on purpose: no physical or internet based tracking, no apps, minimal GUI. The WiPhone makes calls and sends text messages using a VoIP data connection (over WiFi). If you require mobile connectivity we recommend using a hotspot. This limits tracking while still providing a mobile connection.

The WiPhone can work separately from normal phone system (without a government regulated phone number), but if you need to make or receive calls on the public phone network you will need a phone number. This can be arranged through most commercial VoIP providers, or you can run your own private network using something like Asterisk. If you want to run your own private communication network and don't require a public number the server cost can easily be under $10 per month and adding additional accounts is effectively free.

The WiPhone is designed to be a tool that gets out of your way. The open source OS is simple and easily modified, and the back of the phone can be replaced with custom circuit boards.

labeled WiPhone hardware features

Starting a new hardware project usually involves building a lot of stuff that's been done thousands of times before. With the WiPhone, you only need to implement the interesting parts, it brings all the other stuff: screen, buttons, nice portable case, battery/power supply/charging, all in a familiar form factor that's easy to carry and use in public.

People Like The WiPhone

This is a great cross over between what people know (phones) and what people really want to do (hack).

Nathan Seidle

The WiPhone is a really rather neatly put together project.

Alasdair Allan

If you want a phone that respects your right to repair, this is the project to look at.

Brian Benchoff

So excited by this project I tried to make one myself.

Random Guy

Off Grid Messaging

LoRa-enabled WiPhones can send offline text messages without any service. Useful if you have an off grid cabin, like hiking with friends, have a sailboat, want to be prepared for a disaster, or simply like the idea of communicating without relying on a third party.

Using WiPhone as an off grid messenger

Offline messaging works by making a wireless connection directly between phones using a special low power radio. See the blog post and product page for details on how it works, range, and other details.

Arduino screenshot

Learn OS Programming

Open Source firmware means you can dig into a real phone operating system to learn how it works or customize it just how you like. Direct access to the drivers means you can control the hardware even at the lowest levels and build project impossible on locked down smartphones.

There are thousands of Arduino examples out there for almost anything you can imagine. Most of these can run directly on the WiPhone with little or no modification.

operating system layers

Run Your Own Private Communications Network

Set up a VoIP server and run your own private communications network. Connect anywhere in the world over WiFi and route calls and texts through a server you control.


WiPhone Regular Clear WiPhone Regular Gray


Polycarbonate frame. Clear or gray front face.

WiPhone Pro Clear WiPhone Pro Gray


Anodized aluminum frame. Clear or gray front face.


  • VoIP (WiFi) Phone
  • 2.4” screen (320 x 240)
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • micro USB for charging, serial communication, and firmware updates
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Internal microSD slot
  • Size: 120mm x 50mm x 12.5mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • 900 mAh Battery, 8 hours battery life under normal use without accessories
  • 25 button keypad, 4 reserved for user, all keys are user programmable
  • Espressif ESP32 based system, programmable in Arduino
  • 20 pin programmable header on back of phone
  • 16MB Flash
  • 900 mAh Battery
  • ESP32 Dual core running at 240 MHz
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n + BT/BLE Dual Mode (Bluetooth is not yet used in the software)
  • USB serial port for charging, debugging, and serial data transfer
  • Externally accessible headers for custom daughter boards, including UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, digital I/O, ADC functions
  • Size: 120mm x 50mm x 12.5mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Polycarbonate case and screen
  • Silicone keypad, backlit
  • phone back can be replaced with a PCB to expand the hardware capabilities
  • Fully working VoIP phone, with calling, text messages, and contact library.


WiPhone pinout

WiPhone: An Open Source Phone That's Really Yours

The WiPhone is a hackable, modular mobile phone which makes HD voice calls for free over WiFi.

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