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The 100 sets of Pros currently in production will be done after the factories in China start back up again. The Chinese New Year festival is about over, which was a 3 week period where most of the factories in China close down and no production work happens. But now the coronavirus has extended that. Most Chinese factories are currently planning to start back around the 10th, but that may change based on the status of the virus later. If there aren't any major problems with these 100 we will be making all the remainder of the Pro versions immediately after this batch of 100.

We also sent out a phone to a backer on Kickstarter who plans to post an independent review, so once that's ready we will send out a link.

User Manual

In the mean time, we've improved our documentation. An alpha version is now posted on the site, so if you're interested you can have a look. We will continue to improve it, so please make suggestions if you want to see something added or gone over in more depth.

GUI Runthrough

Here's a video of the current user interface, showing most of the screens.