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To-Do List

If you already have your phone, you should be able to manually update the firmware and then take advantage of wireless firmware updates. Our most recent code has hopefully eliminated the memory allocation issue that was causing wireless updates to fail.

Other than waiting on a few remaining electrical components and the injection molded frames we have everything to finish all the phones. Some of the electrical components are taking longer than normal because of supply issues related to Covid-19 and it's hard to get parts now. Some parts have doubled in price, and we've actually rejected 3 different ICs due either being completely wrong or so old that they can't be soldered correctly.

IC with Oxidized Pads

Injection Molding

The injection molds are essentially done. We are fiddling around with the injection parameters and trying to eliminate some discoloration on the part surfaces related to transitions in wall thickness before running all of the parts, but the parts themselves are coming out of the molds in the correct shape with no other problems.

New Videos

We made a couple videos. One on teardown and reassembly:

And another showing how to send LoRa text messages: