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To-Do List

The majority of the time since the last update was spent debugging an issue with some purchased parts. After we figured out the source if the problem, the vendor took 3 weeks to acknowledge the issue. Finally once they did it was an easy fix. I don't think it would be productive (or nice) to name names and we can't go into much detail without giving away who the vendor is, but the short version is dealing with stuff like this is really common in hardware projects and we certainly aren't in a position to point fingers over a 3 week delay.

On a more positive note, we are currently buying all of the electrical components to make enough PCBAs to ship all of the Kickstarter orders, as well as Indiegogo and website pre-sales. This should mean we have all components in stock soon to finish.

Injection Molding

Regular WiPhone Samples

The first samples of the Regular frames are done. If all goes well we could have real parts by the end of the month. Currently the mold is being modified to fix a few small issues and then the final texture will be added.

The clear sample is only for testing. The clear resin helps show some types of issues.

Firmware Release

We've sent the current source code to everyone who already has a phone. So far we've heard very little back from the phones that have already shipped. If you have a phone, please let us know any issues you find. Thanks to everybody who has already done so... you are helping reduce any bugs in the phones going to regular users.

Last month there was an issue with the automatic firmware updates where it would sometimes fail due to memory corruption in the library used for HTTPS. This only showed up recently when we upgraded the cert on our firmware server, so if you tried to use the automatic update last month and it failed, that's why. Should be working now but you'll need to update your firmware once manually before it will work automatically.



As we make the tutorials, what do people want to learn about?