WM8750BL Audio Codec Dev Board

Posted by ben on 2018/08/03 - 0 Comments

We wanted to publish the dev board we made for the WM8750BL audio codec IC.

Design files: 20180702 - audio codec board
Datasheet: WM8750BL_v4.1-1131666.pdf

Overview (from the datasheet)

The WM8750BL is a low power, high quality stereo CODEC designed for portable digital audio applications.

The device integrates complete interfaces to stereo or mono microphones and a stereo headphone. External component requirements are drastically reduced as no separate microphone or headphone amplifiers are required. Advanced on-chip digital signal processing performs graphic equaliser, 3-D sound enhancement and automatic level control for the microphone or line input.


The design is in PADS. Everything is there to fabricate it yourself. BOM, gerbers, PDF schematic + PADS schematic and layout.

Currently the audio quality is not very good. There's a good chance that's due to the digital and analog ground planes not being separated.

Pin 1: GND
Pin 2: VCC
Pin 3: SDA
Pin 4: SCL
Pin 6: WS
Pin 7: BCLK

WM8750BL Breakout Board