PCB Samples

Posted by ben on 2021/07/17 - 0 Comments

To-Do List

PCB samples from 3 different suppliers have arrived and were treated with an appropriate level of suspicion.

We checked the dimensions, tested the heat resistance of both the soldermask and silkscreen, did a tear resistance test on the silkscreen, checked the connectors could fit correctly, checked everything for cosmetic issues, stencil alignment, solder wetting before and after going through the reflow oven, and generally did everything we could to make sure these are good parts.

It looks like we have a winner that should be good enough to make production parts with. Monday we will have the factory populate at least one panel from each supplier to be sure. If there are no problems we will begin shipping more phones shortly after that.

Injection Molding

We wrapped up the drop testing and made enough parts to finish all orders.

Customizable User Function Buttons

There are 4 buttons of the front of the phone reserved for the user. We made a quick video showing how to customize them.

Using just software, or software combined with a daughterboard or external circuit, this would let you do things like turn the lights on in your house, remote start your car, open your garage door, control your stereo, or even act as an interface to other equipment built by you.: