Improved Calling

Posted by ben/ on 2022/07/07 - 0 Comments

To-Do List

Latest Code Release

The firmware is almost ready for regular users.

Firmware version 0.8.29 is live now and it fixed around 20 calling related bugs. If you tried calling before and had an issue it might be worth updating your firmware and trying again.

We also added a few symbols people were requesting to the keypad like the dollar symbol (accessed by the "*" button) and solved a few miscellaneous other bugs.

This release has been pushed to the regular firmware update URL:

This month we are working on the user interface, making it easier to use and filling in a few missing features like connecting to open wifi networks and managing persistent settings like the screen settings better. Next month our goal will be to solve any remaining calling problems (whatever people find in this release) and then that firmware will be used to start shipping all regular phones.

What's Next?

We have ordered and mostly received all the parts needed to fulfill all Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and all presales made on our website through October 2021 (there may be enough to ship a few more). The only thing blocking (some of) the hardware at the moment is a shipment of Pro Clear front faces. If you ordered any other type of phone and want to be an early tester let us know and we can ship your phone now.

We are also preparing to make another batch of phones. Anything ordered now will be made with the next batch. We don't have a cutoff time for that yet but we will share it here and on the email list once there is a deadline.