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To-Do List


Note: If all you see is strange acronyms and nothing in this post makes any sense, feel free to summarize it as: we are busy making the software work better.

Many people who have tried using the call features have noticed the WiPhones don't work with every VoIP provider. A large part of that is because the firmware hasn't supported UDP SIP. We've been working on that and it's in testing now.

If you are an early tester, feel free to check out a preview of the UDP SIP firmware on the testing URL (at https://wiphone.io/static/releases/firmware/testing/WiPhone-phone.ini).

That's the latest version we are currently testing. Previous firmware only had TCP SIP, which not all VoIP services support. This one only uses UDP. Soon we will add a selection setting in the user interface but for now it's only UDP.

Some other improvements: - fewer crashes during calling: handle a few different situations better, such as lost WiFi connection, sudden disconnect from the other side, other side never picks up, handle multiple multimedia descriptors - handle invalid SIP URIs better - hangup works more consistently in various states - better detection of call state, wifi state, callee status

We are currently working through all of the call related issues we can find, with the goal of having the firmware ready for regular users as soon as possible.