Regular WiPhones Now Shipping

Posted by ben on 2022/01/29 - 0 Comments

To-Do List

Regulars In Stock

We have over 1000 new plastic frames in stock now. We've done every test we can think of to make sure they are going to be good: thermal shock testing, repeated screw insertion, drop testing, bending tests.

So far the plastic frames seem OK. We assembled Regular WiPhones last week. Some early testers should be receiving the first of the Regulars over the next few days.

Firmware Update

We will be releasing a firmware update soon that should fix some problems with VoIP (hangup should work better now, and we fixed an issue with audio streams). Thanks to anyone who has been reporting software bugs.

Everything in China is closed for the Chinese New Year Holiday. Production will resume after that (maybe around Feb 10th).