Firmware Update Test

Posted by ben on 2022/03/29 - 0 Comments

To-Do List

Firmware Update

We just released a wireless firmware update. If your phone is set to automatically install updates it should download it the next time you reboot while connected to WiFi. You can also go to the firmware settings screen and check/initiate the update there.

This update is mainly to confirm the reliability of the update process itself. The firmware changes are minor: mainly added some things to the diagnostics screen, cleaned up some debug printing.

We are currently working on a larger update that should improve calling. That one should add UDP SIP and fix many of the call related bugs people were seeing in the earlier firmware versions.

If you want to use our latest development release (only recommended for hackers), you can change your firmware update URL to this:

That URL will be used while we prepare each regular firmware update. The code may not always work, but it should mostly be a preview of what's coming next.

Battery Shipping Issues

We were stuck for about a month due to DHL changing their battery shipping policy for the 869th time (we had to send some batteries out for another lab certification), and then Shenzhen went into a covid lockdown for a week. But both of those issues done now and we're back shipping.


Right now we are waiting on a small order of metal frames and some front covers. After those arrive we will have all the physical parts required to fulfill all orders plus some extra stock. The main thing left at that point will be making the firmware reliable and shipping the phones to regular users (not only early testers as we are doing now).