Firmware Download Tool InstructionsΒΆ

Note: If you are using the Arduino IDE for development, this section is unnecessary. If you just need to update a WiPhone using binary files and don't want to set up Arduino or don't want to compile anything this tool might be more appropriate.

To download binaries to WiPhone you will need the Flash Download Tool by Espressif.

After launching the setup file, select ESP32 Download tool.


ESP32 Download Tool selection.

After selecting the ESP32 Download tool an SPI download configuration window will appear. You will need to select the binaries you want to upload to WiPhone. WiPhone Firmware consists of 5 binary files.

.bin Address
boot_app0.bin 0xe000
bootloader_dio_80m.bin 0x1000
WiPhone.ino.bin 0x10000
WiPhone.ino.partitions.bin 0x8000
WiPhone.spiffs.bin 0x00c90000

The latest binaries can be found at :


SPI Download Config.

Select the path to binaries on your PC and select the following options :

  • CrystalFrq : 80MHz.
  • SPI Mode : DIO.
  • SPI Speed: 40MHz.
  • Flash size: 128Mbit.
  • COM : Choose serial port.
  • BAUD : Choose the download speed. (Select 1152000 to speed up the download process)

Press the "START" button. Once the process completes you will see a "FINISH" sign on the download panel. After successful downloading, unplug the WiPhone from the computer and press the hangup for 10s to force WiPhone shutdown. Press hangup button again to boot into the updated firmware.