Coronavirus PPE

July 3rd update:

We're finally open again!

Shipping was a complete mess from mid-April through May, and it tool quite a while to get all the orders that were in progress straightened out. We've spent quite a while doing that out and I hope it's done now. If anyone still has a problem with your order please let me know. Over a thousand emails were generated due to the shipping shut down and I tried to reply to everyone and keep people in the loop, but I'm sure some got missed... sorry if that was you.

May 5th update:

After the shipping shutdown and rule changes we’ve been attempting to re-establish a viable path out of China for PPE: sending out test shipments, having them blocked, re-filing the export paperwork, rinse and repeat. We may finally have all that figured out (until the target moves again), but some packages all the way back to the 13th have been getting returned.

Moving forward, we are going to send everything via larger shipments to a warehouse in the US where the individual packages can go out to people.

If your order hasn’t gone out yet or got returned and you want to cancel you can, just let us know and we can issue a refund.

We can’t cancel anything that’s already in transit. The ones that haven’t shipped or got returned can be canceled any time until they reach the US warehouse.

If you want to wait, I don’t really have a way to predict how long it will take. We did get a test package past customs but now we are required to pre-submit all paperwork for each shipment and they haven’t gotten back to us on any new shipments for about 5 working days. Once we do get approval for a shipment it should be 5-12 days for DHL to get the first package to the warehouse (we will need to send something like 4 packages over 4 days to get stock for each item from the store over to the warehouse), then another 3-5 days to reach the final address. Realistically it’s probably going to take another 20 days best case.

We will re-open the store once we can get some stock sent to the warehouse in the US if we can… it’s becoming pretty clear that Chinese customs is passively trying to block most PPE shipments. They’ve been changing the export rules so fast that by the time DHL takes the package from us and starts the customs process the paperwork is already out of compliance.

An abbreviated summary of changes:

  1. China has been repeatedly changing the export rules and paperwork requirements for PPE:
  • PPE can only be exported if it contains a manufacturer’s lot card
  • only from a small approved list of manufacturers
  • only if it can be shown to meet an equivalent standard in the destination country.
  • even a single item now requires the same export documentation level as an entire ocean shipping container
  1. DHL has also made a number of changes to PPE shipments:
  • we are now limited us to a single PPE shipment per day
  • maximum 50kg
  • only one part number per shipment
  • they also stopped picking anything up for about a week and have shown signs of being extremely understaffed to deal with PPE shipments

April 24 Update: New DHL shipments are still unavailable. It sounds like a combination of reasons, but mostly because they are understaffed to deal with the high level of paperwork and inspections China is requiring for PPE shipments. We aren't taking any new orders until we have a better understanding of when we'll be able to deliver them.

April 21 Update: USPS is no longer available. We are working on alternatives. We also can no longer ship disinfectant wipes or isolation gowns until we find alternative shipping methods.

April 17 Update: no new DHL shipments are available until the 24th. All new orders will need to wait to go out until the 24th. It's inclear why, but could be because of fewer flights being availabe, export crackdowns, or other reasons.

April 08 Update: DHL is back down to around 7 days for most packages.

April 06 Update: If you know anyone who is a nurse, paramedic, policeman, firefighter, delivery guy, warehouse worker, or anyone else who has to get out and work to keep us healthy and the economy going but may not have the PPE they need to do it safely, please send them this Form. They can fill out to get PPE donations.

April 05 Update: We have access to 20,000 KN95 masks per day. Currently we ship an average of less than 3000. As long as they are going to get used soon, don't feel like you need to limit the quantity you get.

April 03 Update: State holiday coming up and we won't be able to ship out orders on the 4th, 5th, or 6th due to no available shippers for pickups. Shipping will resume on the 7th.

April 02 Update: DHL is slowing down considerably. Some packages are now showing estimated tranist times of up to 10 days. Also, if you order more than around 500 masks we will need to break the shipment up and ship it out over multiple days

Hello to the people who don't know me already. My name is Ben Wilson. I am a redneck from Georgia who likes to build things. Last few years that's been happening mostly in China. But recently I've just been buying lots of masks for people and shipping them out. This page is meant to let anyone who needs masks or a few other related things get them.

Everything is coming from China. We aren't trying to make money on this. We do not manufacture any of it, we're just buying it and shipping it. Your local hospital may not be able to accept this stuff, but we think if regular people like delivery guys, warehouse workers, or the elderly can start getting access to protective gear it's way better than having it sit on a shelf over here.

Prices have been changing rapidly. As we replace the stock we have, we will update the prices here based on what we are able to buy things for.

So far we've only been shipping to the continental United States. If you are outside this area you can contact me at and I will try to work something out for you.

As mentioned above, everything is being provided without attempt to make profit, as a service to people who need to stay safe. If you would like to add a donation to your order it would be appreciated. We have been under lockdown since January and so far have managed to keep paying everyone full salary. Now that most of the rest of the world is entering lockdown our main business of contract manufacturing has mostly stopped receiving new work and likely won't pick up again until this thing passes.

40 KN95 Masks, Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING This item includes free shipping in a separate box optimized for DHL Express. Respirator rated to filter 95% or more of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Similar to the American N95. Comes in packs of 10

200 Surgical Masks, Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING This item includes free shipping in a separate box optimized for DHL Express. Adult sized surgical mask. These are non-sterile (not rated for use in surgery). Comes in bags of 25.

10 KN95 Masks

Respirator rated to filter 95% or more of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Similar to the American N95. Comes in packs of 10

50 Surgical Masks

Adult sized surgical mask. Most of these are non-sterile (not rated for use in surgery). Price is for a box of 50.

PPT Care Package

Help send a care package of job-appropriate PPT (Personal Protective Equipment) to a front line worker exposed to COVID-19 without adequate protection. Priority will be given to health care workers. Most care packages cost around $100 so we will combine smaller donations. Add whatever amount you want to donate.

100 KN95 Masks, Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING This item includes free shipping in a separate box optimized for DHL Express. Respirator rated to filter 95% or more of particles 0.3 microns or larger. Similar to the American N95. Comes in packs of 10

1 Full Face Shield

Covers the whole face. Expensive to ship.

100 Rubber Gloves, Medium

100 rubber gloves. These may be latex or the may be nitrile. Any size you want so long as it's medium. Expensive to ship.


We are happy to ship, without profit, as much protective equipment as we can to help keep people safe. If you've got some spare money, a donation would be appreciated since it's expensive to keep operating without any income.



Reviews and Feedback

Nurse, Tennessee

  • 300 KN95 Masks

(from her dad) Face Timed her so she could show me and also had hospital issued N95 to compare it to.


Look professional and packaged in sets of 10. She has a narrow face and the mask on her felt a tiny bit big. In that when comfortably wearing there are small gaps on the side and doesn’t completely seal. When she inhales it seals but when exhaling small gaps on each side are created. However when she tried on on hospital’s official N95 same problem but looseness is on the chin and not sides. We agreed that they could probably solve for that with a small piece of medical tape on each side as required.

Masks feel thicker than hospital N95. Seems to her like same material. Potential issue with no way of knowing is that the KN95 has a heat seam through the face of the mask. (no holes from sewing, just heat to attach layers together). Creates thin points but no holes so we’re guessing it’s fine as the material still exists. N95 only has heat seams on the perimeter. KN95 is FAR more comfortable to wear than the hospital issued N95.

She can’t go to hospital today as she’s not on schedule and boss not available but bringing 100 to her boss in the morning at 5am and will have better feedback then.


  • 360 KN95 Masks
  • 440 Surgical Masks

I’ve worn a KN95 the last 3 days at work for the entire day except when eating. The fit is really good, but if my face were bigger the mask might be a little small. Overall they seem great. Especially considering they are less than $3 each and come in small 10pk bag. I found double sided garment tape helped to seal the mask to my nose. Without the tape my safety glasses fog up, and by the end of the day my eyes were dried out. Even with the tape i still found myself using the face shield instead of safety glasses since enough moisture got on the glasses to be a nuisance.

When I inhale the mask feels like it lets in very little air around the perimeter.

My coworker said his wife at the ICU wanted us to know the masks came at the perfect time and were “a lifesaver”.

Jacob H, Georgia

  • 10 KN95 Masks
  • Box of Gloves

Here is my dog Kuro and I being safe against Coronavirus.




Thank you for your service!! ✌🏼


  • 50 KN95 Masks
  • 50 Surgical Masks


  • 50 KN95 Masks
  • 50 Surgical Masks

Thanks for supplying the masks! Everything went smoothly.

Victoria, Evans Georgia

  • 20 KN95 Masks

Hi Ben! Thank you for getting the shipment to me promptly!! The mask fits great! It gets super hot when wearing them so I guess that’s a good thing seeing that means not much coming through inside the mask. I am sharing one of the 10 count bag with my dad who lives in Atlanta and is getting great use out of it as well.


Austin Osenga, North Carolina

  • Order 1: 10 KN95 Masks
  • Order 2: 60 KN95 Masks

The masks fit well and I can definitely tell that they make a nice seal around my nose and mouth area. They also don't get hot and clammy which is nice.


  • 300 KN95 Masks

Thanks for your help Ben!