WiPhone is a unique, minimal phone. It's designed to enable hackers by making it easy to extend and modify the electronics and software. Something typical phones are not good for. The operating system firmware is easily modified, and simple enough to be understood entirely by one motivated person. Can be completely disassembled with removal of only 6 screws.


It's also a self-contained Arduino development platform capable of expanding the hardware to do things it wasn't originally intended for. Unlike most other dev boards it comes in a nice package, with a battery, power supply, and on/off circuitry. Once your project is done, instead of an eyesore of tangled wires and stacked boards, it's compact and visually appealing.

WiPhone is also a VoIP mobile phone. It uses WIFI to make HD voice calls, for free. Calling works on most broadband WiFi networks (including most home WiFi connections). No service contract is required.