2018-10-18 WiPhone Progress Update (GUI, EE and SW improvements)

We've been dialing a lot of things in on the motherboard. The biggest noticeable change is the GUI. It looks much more polished now. We're almost ready to start carrying the phone around for daily use.

WiPhone Boot Screen
WiPhone Boot Screen

Other changes are:

  • fixed some noise issues in the audio circuit. (BTW, wideband audio sounds much better than the older generation of VoIP codecs)
  • lots of software improvements. bug fixes, added messaging, boot screen, main screen, NTP based clock, and an expandable menu system


  • ToxPower

    You know what would be really cool with this device?
    ZRTP encryption. Or better: Supporting the tox protocol.

  • Coach_SteveO_11

    Awesome work thus far !
    Can’t wait to purchase one of your WiFi phones after they’re completed and ready to ship out.
    Until then, I’ll continue following along and checking in. Keep building !! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Emptyset

    I am not really sure why the comments section and the forums are empty, but I have been checking up on this project feverishly 2-3 times a week since it was featured on Hackaday. Keep up the good work and I hope to see a soldered board / kit available soon!

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